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  • Installation time typically ranges from 1 to 6 hours, depending on vehicles age, condition, and the number of windows being tinted as well as weather conditions.   

  • Yes.  You can have your windows tinted even if it is freezing outside. However, the curing and installation time might take longer.

  • Keep in mind, once you have your windows tinted, watch your seat belts! When you take off your seat belt, if you aren’t careful, it can swing over and hit your window. This results in a chip in the tint each time this occurs. Be sure to carefully unbuckle once you have window tint installed as this is not covered under warranty.  

  • The DOT matrix on windshields is a series of black dots around the perimeter of the glass. This pattern is created during the manufacturing process and serves several important purposes. Firstly, the DOT matrix provides a visual barrier that hides the adhesive used to bond the windshield to the vehicle's frame. There for not allowing any adhesives to bond on to these dots. Sample vehicles that this is common on are Nissan windshields, 300C Back windows, Ford Vehicles and older BMW windows.

  • Your window tint comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers discoloration, fading, bubbling, turning purple, or peeling due to poor installation. This warranty DOES NOT cover the following. Window film peeling due to faulty window, scuff marks and scratches caused by vehicles gaskets/ seals, damage caused by seatbelt or any objects that may come in high contact with film, poor cleaning techniques, breakage of glass such as vandalism or crash.  

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